Sunday, October 25, 2009

Public Relations Publications-Language of the Image

I took The Language of the Image course on I learned a tremendous amount of information while I was enrolled in the course.

The things that i learned in the course were :

  • The different kinds of phototypes of images
  • How pictures speak to the viewer by using light, color, layering and etc.
  • How emotion is played in photos
  • The way people are placed in pictures , tells the story in the photo
  • How some pictures are meant for viewers to draw emotion from it.

These things really helped me in the way I will look at photos in the future. I never really thought about how pictures were playing upon the viewers. I always just admired the photo and never looked deep into thought with the photo.

The thing that I really want to know more about is more ways layering is used in photos. This element really stuck in my head as I took the course. I feel that if I can find out more information on layering of photos, this might be something that I would be interesting in trying myself. I have always been interested in photography, but when I enrolled in college, that urge quickly left me. My Family always told me that photography does not benefit people well money wise, unless you are really good. If I knew what i knew know i would have majored in Photography as well as Public Relations. I feel that if I know more about the elements in photos, I will get that urge again to try to pursue photography.

I was surprised at a couple of things that came across my mind while taking the course. The main thing that surprised me the most was how bad I did on the ending quiz. I paid really close to details while taking the course and in the end, did not do well. I was also surprised at all of the courses that they had listed . I am looking forward to going back on the website and taking more of the courses.. You guys should do the same!!..

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