Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Public Relations Publications Top Ten Things I learned

International PR- Throughout the Semester Blog #2

Framing theory and President Obama and Bernake

According to dictionary.com, framing is a term used in media studies, sociology and psychology, refers to the social construction of a social phenomenon by mass media sources or specific political or social movements or organizations. It is an inevitable process of selective influence over the individual's perception of the meanings attributed to words or phrases. A frame defines the packaging of an element of rhetoric in such a way as to encourage certain interpretations and to discourage others. The framing theory is used many times in the media. One of the more recent is the President Obama and Ben S. Bernake story.

President Obama appointed Bernake while on his vacation in Martha's Vineyard. Bernake was appointed to be the Federal Reserve Chairman. Bernake had such a great influence the last time that he was in office. President Obama felt that he could help with the economy problems we are having now. President Obama wanted to make everyone think that everything would get better since Bernake was appointed into office and wanted the public to forget the recent announcing of the deficit. According to the U.S. National Debt Clock, the deficit that we face currently is $1.4 trillion.

The framing theory was used in the media in this story because the appointment of Bernake framed the public minds into thinking that everything is fine since Bernake is in office. Although the country is still in huge debt, the public is believing that everything is on the way to improvement. I do believe that the President is doing everything he can to improve the economy , its a huge job. These things cannot happen over night and will take some time to truly recover. I like the way Obama handled the situation because he released stress off the U.S., when they knew there was new hope. Bernake is new hope for the United States because of his great term previously. Internationally, the framing theory is used often to put everyone at ease. It is also used to change people minds, influence them, or to discourage them from doing what they are currently doing. This theory is very powerful to me, and will and has been used a tremendous amount of times. The outcomes of this theory is success! People will continue to want to hear good news over bad news , if you can make the public happy by using the theory , then I say its a good thing.

If you want to read the latest on the President Obama and Bernake appointment, here is the link : http://www.opednews.com/articles/Obama-s-Jobs-Summit-and-Be-by-Eric-Lotke-091130-999.html

Monday, November 30, 2009

International PR- Throughout the Semester #1

Public Information theory and the Media

Public Information theory is used many times in the media. This semester the big thing around campus and the world is the Swine Flu (H1N1). There were many stories that were reported on the virus. Many students on Georgia Southerns campus , were diagnosed with the virus. According to medterms.com, The Swine Flu is a respiratory illness of pigs caused by infection with swine influenza A virus (SIV). While swine flu viruses normally do not infect humans, occasional infections of humans do occur. This epidemic scared many students as well as scared the public. People are trying to make efforts to not spread the virus , as well as not contract the virus at all.

The Public Information theory was used in reporting the Swine Flu information. Public Information theory is basically using the Public Information Officers in reporting to the public. Its what we need to know. Its just pure information. There were Public Information Officers that reported the information on occassions. According to dictionary.com, Public Information Officers (PIOs) are the communications coordinators or spokespersons of certain governmental organizations (i.e. city, county, school district, state government and police/fire departments). They differ from Public Relations departments of private organizations in that many of them typically do not engage in marketing, but solely in providing information to the public and the media as required by law and according to the standards of their profession. Many PIOs are former newscasters or reporters, bringing unique and relevant experience to the position.

An example of when Public Information Officers were used is in this Florida story about the Swine Flu. (click on link for more information on story). Public Information Officers are needed to release stories to the public sometimes because you have one set person that will release the information and one person to contact fro information on the story. This is good because in the midst of a crisis or huge news story , you will need as less confusion as possible.

The media uses Public Information Officers and the Public Information theory many times. They use these because people need to know information and they want to tell truthful information to the public. So overall, i think that this is a good way to get information across to a huge audience (the public). The outcomes of this would be success. This is one theory that is used often in the media and will continue to be used because we need to know whats going on in the world. Internationally, this is a great thing because it is universal and used bu just about everyone.

International PR- Diversity Choice Blog

The International Conversation Hour

I attended the International Conversation Hour on October 30,2009. The International Conversation Hour is a really good thing that Center for International Studies created. It is held every Friday from 11:30 a.m. til 1:00p.m. I have volunteered with the International Conversational Hour during my freshman and sophomore years at Georgia Southern. I enjoyed volunteering because it made me feel good when I was able to help a person ,who is not familiar with the United States to become familiar with their new surroundings.

The make up of the audience was people from many countries. The people seemed to be nice, interested in learning about different countries,and excited to be in the United States. This was an accurate representation of the cultures because there were many countries represented in the International Conversation Hour. I had conversations with some of the people there , they answered any of the questions that i had for them. The new information that i learned from the event was the ability of the different countries to come together and to learn from each other. During the time that I volunteered , I really did not have the opportunity to speak with the people because I was busy working. This time was very special to me because I was able to interact with the people.I would attend the International Conversation Hour again. It was a great experience for me and I am glad that I chose this to be my diversity choice event. I cant really compare and contrast this event to an American event because it was not like any American event that I have experienced. I felt very comfortable during the event and felt the people were very welcoming. My overall view of the event was that it was a good for the international students as well as the American students because we all learn from each other. This was a great way to get international students familiar with American students , as well as for us to get familiar with international students. This event was a huge success in my eyes!

There were many things discussed during the time that I attended the International Conversation Hour on October 30,2009. The things presented will be discussed below.

The study abroad and exchange programs , scholarships and financial aid, passport information, and the International Fair were all topics discussed at the International Conversation Hour. Botswana has been added to the list of areas for studying abroad this summer. There is information on how you can apply for this study abroad program, the costs, and what you will need to make this trip available to you. Other areas of study are: Costa Rica,Italy, Spain, and Switzerland.

Scholarships and financial aid were discussed as well. There is more information on the kinds of scholarships available as well as the requirements on the website. Follow the link! Passport information can be found on the web as well under the link for U.S. Passport information on the Center for International Studies website. The final thing that was discussed was the International Fair. Information on how you can volunteer, what kinds of activities were present, pictures from previous International Festivals and much more. Enjoy!.. Also International week is every year , look out for those events being posted on the web... Here is a link to this year's activities:http://academics.georgiasouthern.edu/international/International_Week/Int_Week.htm

Pubic Relations Publications-Additional Blog Post # 4

These images were uploaded from google images.

Business Cards in the Public Relations(PR) field

Business cards are really important in the PR field. They are basically one of the main forms of communication for PR practitioners. These cards present all of your information to people. According to Answers.com, a business card is a small card printed or engraved with a person's name and business affiliation, including such information as title, address, and telephone number. Here is a video that I found that will show you how to get discounts on business cards: http://www.5min.com/Video/How-to-Get-Discounts-on-Business-Cards-86237679. This video is really helpful because if you are planning to order a huge amount of business cards, they can get costly.

According to http://www.printingforless.com/Business-Card-Specifications.html, The standard dimensions for a printed business card are 3.5 x 2 inches. That's the finished card size.
Many printed designs include bleed. The "bleed area" is an extra 1/8 inch of space for design elements or backgrounds that extend beyond the finished size of your piece. A business card design with bleed is printed slightly oversized and then cut down to size, giving the appearance that the printing "bleeds" off the edge of the card, rather than having white borders.

I also found other tips on creating business cards that I want to share from the same website. According to http://www.printingforless.com/Business-Card-Specifications.html ,

When creating your business card design file, use these tips:
Make the document page size equal to the card size plus the bleed area, or 3.75" wide x 2.25" high, to be trimmed down to the finished size after printing. If you aren't planning to include bleeds, the bleed area isn't necessary, so set the document size to the finished size, 3.5 x 2 inches.

If you're designing a vertical card with the long size up, simply switch the page width and height so you won't have to rotate the card to see the design the way you intend it.

Play it Safe near the Borders
Because cutting may vary ever so slightly, it's a good idea to keep all of your valuable text and logo information within the safe design zone. This zone is the 1/8 inch around the margin of your card. Make sure your text is within the 3.25 x 1.75 inch area of your card. You wouldn't want to have the last digit of your phone number trimmed off! Designing with borders can be tricky.

Thin borders outside the safe zone that are less than 1/8th inch thick may not trim evenly. To avoid an "off-center" look, keep border lines or other thin lines away from the edge of your business card, within the safe zone.
Two-Sided Business Cards and Custom Business Cards
Using double-sided business cards is a good idea when you need more space to work with or want to provide a special offer or extra info about your company or product. Create a separate page in your file for the back side, keeping each page with the size specifications above.

These directions/tips were very helpful to me because I am in the process of making business cards for myself to present at interviews in the next few months. I did not know there were so many specifications out there for business cards. There are also so many ways that business cards can be made/created. A practitioner needs to have a great business card because this might be the winning factor of the person recieving a job or not. When you are put in competition with others , you have to stand out. Here are some examples I have found of business cards that might be helpful.

Here is a great video of a demonstration of how to make an InDesign business card with bleeds:

Public Relations Publications -Additional Blog Post #3

Working with the Print Shop

On November 6, 2009 my Public Relations Publications class took a mini field trip to the Eagle Print Shop located on our campus. The Print Shop has a new location. It is now located in Centennial Place ( our new residence hall) next to Einstein's Bagels. This new location is smaller but it has more resources for the Print Shop to use. The Print Shop is a huge benefit for Georgia Southern University students especially if you are a Public Relations(PR) major, as I am. If you are enrolled in PR Publications, PR Research, or PR Campaign classes , the Print Shop is an advantage for you. For more information on the eagle Print Shop please feel free to visit the website:http://services.georgiasouthern.edu/print/.

The key points listed below are credited to Professor Barbara Nixon . You can view her blog at http://publicrelationsmatters.com/2009/11/08/working-with-the-gsu-eagle-print-shop-2009/.

Some of the key points to remember when using the Print Shop are:

1. Allow enough lead time for the work to get done. For most PR class projects, two to three days are appreciated.

2. Know what you want the output to look like before you go to the Eagle Print Shop. For example, for the PR Pubs brochure, you’ll want to tell them you need “80-lb. glossy paper, 8.5×11, printed duplex in color.”

3. Design your document so it will cost you less. For example, rather than creating one small handbill and centering it in the middle of a page, put four copies of the handbill on one 8.5×11 page. Then the print shop can cut your document into fours.

4. It is possible for the Eagle Print Shop to print your brochure as a bleed, with the print running to the edge of the paper. However, it will cost you a bit more and take a bit longer. You’ll need to ask them to print the brochure on 11×17 paper and trim it to 8.5×11.

5. Photos and other graphic print best when they are a minimum of 300 dpi; 150 may print fairly well, too.

6. If using the Georgia Southern logo, be sure to use the correct logo and be sure you have permission to use it. See the GSU Identity Standards for guidelines. (Note: Only the Athletic Department can use certain logos.)

7. Have your flash drive or CD prepared. Create ONE folder with all the necessary files in it for this specific print job. (Necessary files include the .indd file, .pdf file, fonts and photos.) Name this folder with your name and the contents; for example, “Barbara Nixon, PRCA 3339 Brochure.”)

8. If printing something from InDesign, it’s best to export the file as a PDF and print the PDF. This will ensure that the file looks the way you intended to when it prints (fonts, layout, etc.). Also have the original InDesign file with you, just in case you notice something that needs to be changed at the last minute. You can’t easily edit a PDF.

9. The Eagle Print Shop has InDesign CS3 (the version we have in the Veazey Hall computer labs). If you’ve downloaded the newest trial version of InDesign from Adobe’s website, it will be InDesign CS4 – and the print shop will be unable to work with your file, unless you export the file as InDesign Interchange first.

10. The Eagle Print Shop will give you a price quote after you answer a series of questions detailing exactly what you want. They cannot give you a complete printed price list, however.

If you choose to e-mail your project to Eagle Print Shop to printshop@georgiasouthern.edu, be sure to include the following:

  • A clear subject line

  • Your name & phone number

  • Date & time you wish to pick up the printed project

  • Number of copies

  • Exact type of paper you need

  • And the PDF file, of course

The Print Shop is less expensive than most places around the Statesboro area. I have researched these places and found out their prices and that's why I use the Print Shop for all my publications. The trip to the Print Shop was very informative to me. Since i am enrolled in two out of the three classes I listed in the top of this Blog, I really needed to hear the information presented on the Print Shop. I learned all the things that the Print Shop make available to Georgia Southern students. These things are the things that most of us need as final projects in the PR field. I'm getting my graduation invitations printed there as well because of the prices!!!