Monday, November 30, 2009

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The International Conversation Hour

I attended the International Conversation Hour on October 30,2009. The International Conversation Hour is a really good thing that Center for International Studies created. It is held every Friday from 11:30 a.m. til 1:00p.m. I have volunteered with the International Conversational Hour during my freshman and sophomore years at Georgia Southern. I enjoyed volunteering because it made me feel good when I was able to help a person ,who is not familiar with the United States to become familiar with their new surroundings.

The make up of the audience was people from many countries. The people seemed to be nice, interested in learning about different countries,and excited to be in the United States. This was an accurate representation of the cultures because there were many countries represented in the International Conversation Hour. I had conversations with some of the people there , they answered any of the questions that i had for them. The new information that i learned from the event was the ability of the different countries to come together and to learn from each other. During the time that I volunteered , I really did not have the opportunity to speak with the people because I was busy working. This time was very special to me because I was able to interact with the people.I would attend the International Conversation Hour again. It was a great experience for me and I am glad that I chose this to be my diversity choice event. I cant really compare and contrast this event to an American event because it was not like any American event that I have experienced. I felt very comfortable during the event and felt the people were very welcoming. My overall view of the event was that it was a good for the international students as well as the American students because we all learn from each other. This was a great way to get international students familiar with American students , as well as for us to get familiar with international students. This event was a huge success in my eyes!

There were many things discussed during the time that I attended the International Conversation Hour on October 30,2009. The things presented will be discussed below.

The study abroad and exchange programs , scholarships and financial aid, passport information, and the International Fair were all topics discussed at the International Conversation Hour. Botswana has been added to the list of areas for studying abroad this summer. There is information on how you can apply for this study abroad program, the costs, and what you will need to make this trip available to you. Other areas of study are: Costa Rica,Italy, Spain, and Switzerland.

Scholarships and financial aid were discussed as well. There is more information on the kinds of scholarships available as well as the requirements on the website. Follow the link! Passport information can be found on the web as well under the link for U.S. Passport information on the Center for International Studies website. The final thing that was discussed was the International Fair. Information on how you can volunteer, what kinds of activities were present, pictures from previous International Festivals and much more. Enjoy!.. Also International week is every year , look out for those events being posted on the web... Here is a link to this year's activities:

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