Monday, November 30, 2009

Public Relations Publications- Additional Post #1

My Wordpress Instructions (Best Practices)

In my Public Relations Publications class, we were all asked to picked something that we wanted to show the class in Wordpress or InDesign.I chose to present on "How to insert a Poll on your Blog." I chose to present on this topic because I found it to be very interesting. I was looking through the different things that you could add to your Blog because I am new with blogging, and saw the poll button. I feel that a poll could be very helpful on your Blog , especially when you are trying to get others opinion on something. I used my poll to get others opinion on President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize winning. This was soemthing that I wanted to see the public opinion on. Here are the steps to insert a poll on your Blog.

  1. You first log on to your Wordpress account.

  2. Then you go to the Dashboard buttton on the top of your screen . It is the link right beside My Account.

  3. Then you scroll down to look on the left side of the screen, where the buttons are. You should see the Polls button (right under the Ratings button). Click on Add New under Polls.

  4. You will see a space that lets you put the question that you want to ask on the poll, as well as the spaces to put your answer choices.

  5. Under the answer spaces, you will see buttons to customize your Poll answers (Multiple choice, Randomize order, Allow other answers, and Share this link). You can choose how you want to set your answers up. But click on Share this link, if you want it public.

  6. Then you can scroll down to the Design tab. You will see PollDaddy style, this is the standard one.Under that button you will see (medium, narrow, and wide). This is how you want your poll to look, so click on which one you want. The preview of the poll changes when you click a new size. If you want to customize it, you can choose the button that says "Customize."

  7. Next, there is a button on the right that says Poll results, click on the preference that you like.

  8. After that there is a button that says "Block repeat voters", click on your preference there.

  9. Next, go up to the right hand side of the screen and you will see a button under publish that says "Publish" and under it says "Save". Click on Save when you have finsihed your entire Poll. After poll is saved, it will give you a message that Poll is updated.

  10. You then go to the left side of the screen and see the Posts button , click on Add New under that button.

  11. Title your post, if you would like. It is recommended.

  12. When you look under the title space, you will see a section that says Upload/Insert. Click on the button that looks like a gray round circle. Your poll wil pop up in a window. Click in the box on the left , next to the one you want to upload. Then under that particular poll you will see Send to Editor. Click on that button.

  13. Your poll will appear in your message part of your post hat you started with. If you used the PollDaddy style, it will begin with PollDaddy , and a series of numbers.

  14. On the right hand size you will see a heading that says "Publish", click under that on the actual button that says "Publish."

  15. Now you will see a message that your post has been published. Now you have a poll on your Blog!...

Hopefully this post was helpful , if you choose to put a poll on your Blog.

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