Tuesday, November 17, 2009

International PR- Original Post ( Diversity at Georgia Southern

I think that Georgia Southern has a tremendous amount of diversity on campus. Although, I do not believe that the huge amount of diversity at Georgia Southern was present during my freshman and sophomore years here. There were activities catered to diversity , but not that many. I had to search and find the activities that were taken place. Now during my senior year, activities are happening all the time and are visible to students easily.

The student population at Georgia Southern is majority Caucasian, African American, then Latinos, Asians and others. This is not statistically proven, these are numbers that I have seen present on campus. The faculty here at Georgia Southern tell the students about the activities going on throughout campus , but its up to the student whether he or she goes. Many of the activities that they have on campus, I attend. I go to these activities because it brightens my thoughts of others. There is no need to be closed minded in 2009, there are too many opportunities to communicate and learn about others. When students do not take advantage of the activities going on throughout campus it makes me sad. These students are not fully aware that these are the people that you will work with, be neighbors to, or communicate in so many other ways.

The activities that I attend on campus are normally put on with the Multicultural Student Center. Some of the activities that are going on this year are :"When the Levees Broke" ( documentary), Tim Wise: White like me, Unity Fest, Black Male Summit, and Salsa Lessons , jsut to name a few. The entire schedule of activities are listed on their website which is : http://students.georgiasouthern.edu/multicultural/programs.html. You can go here and find activities that you may be interested in attending.

Overall, I do feel like there is a tremendous amount of diversity present on Georgia Southern's campus, but there can always be more. I feel that there is no limit of how much diversity one can take into their lives. I am a true believer that diversity makes you stronger, smarter, and open minded. Diversity makes you these ways by telling you about other cultures, races and etc. The key thing to remember about diversity is that if you are living in the United States , diversity is around you because after all ,we are a "Melting Pot".

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