Thursday, October 22, 2009

International Public Relations-Guest Speaker #1

On October 20,2009 , Elizabeth Albrycht visited my International Public Relations(PR) class via Skype. She talked about many things about the Public Relations field, as well as things that were going on in France. I wanted to share some of the things that she discussed on my Blog. Enjoy!. S

She has been living in France for six years . Albrycht has spent 20 years in Public Relations and even owned her own Public Relations agency at one time. She is a professor at two schools; East Communication and Paris School of Business. East Communication is a PR and Marketing , Web Design, and International PR school. Paris School of Business is a PR and Business school. At East Communication , the students are mostly French but she teaches in English. At the Paris School of Business , 17 countries are represented and many of the students want jobs in the United States. Albrycht talked about the French having problems with learning English, because the French language is majority spoken in France.

She also talked about the Communication Strategies of Public Relations. They are as follows :

  • People are people , and want to be treated as such and not as a demographic.
  • Give them respect and kindness
  • Treat them quickly and correctly
  • If things go wrong, apologize
  • People want honesty
  • People want to feel like they are in control : So let everyone have a role.

Albrycht says that it is really easy to focus on cultural differences and it more challenges are prevalent with big groups. She says that you should focus on Language and learn the language of the people you want to communicate with. I learned from her that America is individualistic and France is very socialistic. She says that she was even surprised of this difference.

Her definition of PR is : way of shared meaning. We come together to create the meaning of PR. I agree with the meaning because i always feel that there is not one way to define PR and it is a collective effort with others in the field.

Albrycht mentioned that France is one of the top European countries in Blogging. The reason being is that the French love to argue. This is something i found to be very interesting because of all the social media in America , I would think we would be at the head of the list.

I really enjoyed the Skype visit by her and cant wait until the next guest speaker via Skype ! Skype is something that is new to me and im very happy that i got a chance to see it in action. Also , I learned a tremendous amount of information and cant wait to use it in the field of PR.

Here is a video I found on YouTube, this video explains a great amount of how French use social media. I found this video very helpful because he shares some of the things that Albrycht touched upon.

Enjoy! This is an interview at Ogilvy BarCamp Paris with Damien Douani, the Digital Marketing Manager at Orange and a founder of ReadWriteWeb in France.

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