Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crap-Public Relations Publications

I was asked recently to describe any one of the four elements of good design. Define it, and explain its importance to good design. I choose the element: Repetition.Repetition is : "repeating styles down the page for a cohesive feel. If you style related elements the same way in one area, continue that trend for other areas for consistency. " ( Robin Williams)I picked repetition because i felt it was the most important of the four elements to me. I feel that the more repetition you have in your publications. The more people will want to read. People are attracted to repetition . Many of the greatest speeches, lectures and etc. have used great amounts of repetition to get their point across. People remember things that are repeated as signs of importance. Also with repetition , it lets you guide the viewer's eyes down the page. Spacing and design is also important because when these elements are poor people will not even give your publication a chance. Readers notice poor repetition because they wont be able to follow the publication easily. All information mentioned in this blog post is credited to : Robin Williams. You can follow her work on

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