Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Segmenting Publics -Public Relations Publications

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Segmenting Publics

To segment the publics for my client, I would first know the demographics ; which will probably be middle class clients, college degrees and above, and located in Georgia. I would then check the Psychographics , in which I'm not sure yet because i have to do more research before i can answer this. Lastly , i would check the sociographics, which is the one that i have not heard of before taking Public Relations Publications. Sociographics refers to groups that public members belong to. With this one , i will need more research as well.

My brochure will be impacted a tremendous amount because i will have to figure out what will apply to my company. As in the colors,the lay out and many more factors. I will be able to decide the design of my brochure as soon as i get more information about my company. I will be working hard to figure out exactly what i need for my client to be a success.

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